Revitalizing Memphis Neighborhoods One Property at a Time

Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. is a privately-funded, non-profit organization working to remove systemic barriers to revitalizing Memphis neighborhoods.


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Neighborhood Preservation, Inc.

Every piece of abandoned real estate in Memphis affects the value, viability, and safety of the property around it. These neglected properties are often by products of failed or outdated local, state, and federal policies and programs. Coupled with the complex social and economic issues surrounding property neglect, our city is faced with a staggering, systemic problem that won’t correct itself. That’s why Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. advocates for legislative and policy innovation for positive neighborhood-level change. Founded in 2012 by Memphis economic and community development leaders, we focus on policy advocacy to fix the systems that allow people to abandon real estate without being held accountable.

Reduce Blighted Properties

Working with code enforcement officers, local leaders, businesses, and other stakeholders to change the state and local policy, systems, and processes in hopes of reducing number of vacant and abandoned properties.

Improve Neighborhood Health

Housing policy is health policy, increasingly we are looking to find programs and research that acknowledges the overlap. Working with our partners like the Urban Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to complete research like the Health Impact Assessment that link Multi-Family property conditions to health outcomes.

Revitalize Neighborhoods

One of our biggest goals is to change the way people view vacant land and buildings, and to co-produce alongside neighborhood residents to bring back empty lands and buildings as community assets.

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