As a project of The Works, Inc., Memphis Native Tree Works is leading the way as the largest provider of native plant materials in West Tennessee.

Provide – With a goal of growing 100,000 native plants yearly in Shelby County, Memphis Native Tree Works is developing and restoring residential, commercial and public green spaces in Memphis. 

Promote – As a supporter of Memphis 3.0 and additional resilience initiatives, Memphis Native Tree Works is promoting the use of native plant materials with local genetics in place of non-native species, which will greatly increase the number of native plants in Memphis. 

Invigorate – With a focus on bolstering the local economy and motivating buyers to purchase materials from a trusted source, Memphis Native Tree Works is reducing the carbon footprint of our clients. We are also focusing on beautifying vacant land, creating green spaces, and reducing blight while providing technical training and workforce development as well as providing educational opportunities and programming for partners of the Works, Inc. 

Innovate – Through the exploration of novel practices, Memphis Native Tree Works is exploring new plant materials, employing new growing methods and sharing our results with our partners. We are creating robust relationships with academic institutions and state/federal conservation programs, as well as partnerships with national non-profit organizations.

Regenerate – In order to regenerate a healthy and native ecosystem and create net-zero carbon operations through low-impact development, we are utilizing the best practices of regenerability by growing and providing high volumes of diverse native plant materials to help restore ecological function and resilience in Shelby County infrastructure and increase biodiversity. These efforts will restore services that have been lost to our community due to poor land management practices including the use of exotic plant materials. We are working with local government to strategically restore the dwindling urban tree canopy and provide plant materials that align with the objectives outlined in our local resilience and development guiding documents.