Who We Are

The Works, Inc. is a nonprofit community development corporation serving South Memphis and the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area. Our vision is to usher in the total, holistic, and healthful renaissance of our targeted community in South Memphis; to deliver its very rebirth.

The mission of The Works Inc. is to work to rebuild, restore and renew our community’s families, and the environments in which they live through housing, economic development, and social services. Our goals include: 1) increasing the availability of affordable housing, 2) delivering programs and services related to affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization, and 3) providing the social services, advocacy, and support requisite for families’ holistic, healthful, socioeconomic success.

A particular emphasis of The Works – as its charter states – is “the development, ownership, and operation of housing for low and moderate income families and persons, and elderly and/or handicapped low and moderate income families and persons, under private and/or governmental housing programs.”

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